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Susanne Leone interviewed by Florida Sun Magazine about common errors German companies make when entering the US market and how to avoid these errors.

In the interview Susanne Leone explains what a German company needs to know when establishing or expanding its business into the United States. The information is based on the experience while working with various German companies expanding their business in the US. It seems obvious but it is important to begin with incorporating the business when starting entering the US market. Choosing the appropriate legal entity is a substantial subject that needs to be discussed prior with your attorney. Tax saving options considering the entire corporate structure including the German parent company should be evaluated and discussed. Additionally, once the business is established the US company needs to comply with US laws, corporate compliance regulations, and tax filing requirements on federal, state and local level. Another important factor is obtaining the appropriate and sufficient insurances for your company. Generally speaking, at a minimum a company that is doing business in the United States should have a general liability insurance and a product liability insurance. If you would like to have more information on that topic please contact us.
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Тема письма
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