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Article on India’s growth “The Good, the Bad, and India - The New Frontier for U.S. Lawyers.” published in Florida Bar International Law Section’s quarterly publication (“ILQ”). November 8, 2018


The article points out the personal experience of Susanne Leone with Indian clients and the Indian community and gives an insight into India’s current developments and challenges. The article focuses on India’s potential and the opportunities that are waiting for U.S. lawyers to engage in one of the world’s fastest-growing emerging markets. India is ready for industrialization and it is ambitious in its desire to grow. India’s young population, its low dependency on welfare, and work force will boost India’s future economy over the next two decades. We can create an impact by being part of the still early stage of the world’s fastest-growing large economy and taking a chance now in this largely unchartered territory rather than competing later when everyone else does.

Тема письма
Тема письма
  • Инвестиции
  • Контракты
  • Глобальное планирование активов и недвижимости
  • Иммиграция
  • Налоги
  • Недвижимость
  • Корпоративное право
  • Юридические услуги в Германии
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